REVIVAL: Restoration to life, consciousness, strength

Revival Brand is a one woman show ran by a 28 year old Southern California native.

"I wanted to create a brand and community that made everybody feel comfortable in their own skin. What better way to embody that goal than with an exclusive collection of the most comfortable clothing items out there; (vintage) tees and jeans!

Through my years of style evolution, I've been asked countless times where I got numerous clothing pieces. Most of the time it was a question about the quirky t-shirt I was wearing, and almost always it was a vintage or second hand tee that I found in some random thrift shop. It became obvious to me that I needed to start a hub for all of the eclectic, hilarious, and even inappropriate tees that I came across. 

All of the items in the shop are hand picked and hand distressed by me. I take pride in finding the most unique pieces and giving them a new life so that you feel 'revived' when you wear them."

-Amanda, Owner and Designer